About Me

helloooO! i am lindsey jo.
i make things + paint with colors and words.

i enjoy writing and recording life and story to help make sense of what is happening and what has happened and to remember that i am alive and this life is wonderful.

i am an Ohioan by birth, but in my heart, i am from a place with tall trees, mountains, and rivers. i daydream most of the time. because i know my heart was made to wonder. so i let it be free. 

i like tea and twinkle lights, bicycles, banjos, messy finger painting and loud music, jazz music, reggae music, mountain music,  anything i can move my hips to music, God, the colorful world, summertime, being barefoot, wearing comfy clothes, holding hands, making art.

i started this blog in 2011 after overcoming some of the hardest challenges i’ve faced thus far involving a time during which i felt covered by darkness, as if i were in a deep pit or dark cave. my therapist mentioned PTSD and my doctor mentioned depression but beyond that, i knew that i felt alone, overwhelmed and despite attempts to escape, i felt like i couldn’t get out of the person i had become and had desperately wanted to leave. 

i guess this is the part of growing into yourself, and through it all, i’ve wrestled with and continue to sort through questions about my faith, my passion, my worth, my dreams. the process has been a breakdown of sorts, or an awakening, though i’m not really sure the difference. i’ve come a long way, but i know all life is learning and i’m still walking through it. in many ways, i feel as if i’ve been brought to life in a new, more colorful world and i want to shout and sing and let the world know about the beauty that surrounds us.

a lot has changed since i first started this blog: i moved to a new city, moved back to an old city, moved into a tiny apartment with three guys so I could live with a man I quite like named Brad, married the aforementioned man, returned to art school, and became a yoga teacher. now i write a lot about what i’m learning in life and love and faith and creativity.

forever, i am learning to become more myself. to know me. embrace me. love me. i know the journey will never be complete.

the purpose of this blog is to share with you, my world of readers, (or at least, imaginary ones) the things i learn and experience along this journey. i think that part of the purpose of learning things throughout life is to share them with others. & for me, this writing and reading help to deepen and widen and expand my sense of life. let’s call it: “motivation to pay attention.” as a committed writer to this blog, it is my responsibility to continue becoming alive. and to write truth. & vulnerability.

and maybe in this, together we will not be alone.

so, stay with me, and let us journey together.
let us become conscious. breathing in life. taking risks.
telling the truth. and in doing so, becoming world revolutionaries.
let us wake up from our slumbering seasons of emptiness,
and let us shake loose from our feet the dust of despair.
there is life to be lived and stories to be told.

truly, the world needs us to be alive.

& so i wake. singing.

“let those who dwell in the dust,
wake up and shout for joy.”
(Isaish 26:19)

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